Monday, April 4, 2016

3 High-Paying Sales Jobs in San Francisco That You Should Know About

If you have excellent people skills, you are likely to succeed in any sales jobs in San Francisco and even earn a six-figure income from it. People skills, though, is not only your ability to present your product to potential buyers, but also the way you empathize and listen to their needs. The common mistake of some salespersons is that they try too hard to sell a product, service or idea to people — to the point that they annoy their prospective customers. Ideally, instead of convincing them to get what you’re offering them, the best salespeople try to uncover their problems and offer them a solution. If you haven’t decided what type of San Francisco sales job to apply to or maybe you’d want to look for one that offers a better paycheck, here are three of the high-paying sales jobs you may want to consider.

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