Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Look at Why Women are Indispensable for Tech Jobs in San Francisco

There’s no denying the current domination of men in the tech industry. In recent studies and diversity reports, an average of 30 percent of people working for the world’s largest tech companies around the world are women. Although most tech companies are finding ways to add more diversity to their roster of employees, the fact remains that the tech industry remains male-centric for now. This does not mean, however, that women looking for tech jobs in San Francisco and elsewhere should be discouraged from applying in a seemingly male-centric industry. For one, they are an indispensable force to be reckoned with and can lead a company to success as well as any man.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Performance-Based Hiring for San Francisco Sales Jobs Ensures Results

When you’re looking to hire for sales jobs in San Francisco, you’ll want to hire the best. In the past, when employers are tasked to fill up positions in their company, they looked at the skills that a potential employee brings to the table. Plus, the usual job description has a list of skills that a person should have when applying for the job. The problem with that is having skills doesn’t mean that a person can deliver results. This is where performance-based hiring comes in. Performance-Based Hiring Performance-based hiring is focused on the idea that instead of looking at a person’s skills, you look at his track record. For example, in the traditional job description, you’d look for someone in a specific field and list the skill requirements you need, such as several years of experience in a job and certain trainings.