Friday, February 5, 2016

Top Tips for Writing a Successful Resume when Applying for Tech Jobs

San Francisco offers plentiful of tech jobs, but there is also considerable competition for many of these positions. Some hiring managers will easily receive dozens or even hundreds of resumes for a single position, and this means that your resume will be stacked up against others as a first step in the hiring process. It is critical that your resume gets noticed and that the high points stand out or are easily noticed by others. When you are preparing your resume when you’re applying for tech jobs, consider following some of these tips. Focus on Work History First, focus largely on previous work history, and highlight your job title as well as key successes in each position. If you worked in a call center, focus on the volume or the types of calls that you responded to. If you worked as a software developer, focus on how many projects you completed and the types of projects you worked on.

Brighter Careers: What to Look For in a Sales Job in San Francisco

As a sales professional, you may be ready to move on to bigger, brighter horizons, and you may actively be searching for a new job. Many will use a headhunter or job location service in order to simplify this process, and you may consider making a list of factors that are important to you in a job so that you can provide the list to your job placement specialist. While a regular paycheck is important when looking for sales jobs in San Francisco, there are other factors to consider. Focus on these points so that you make the best decision about which new position to hire. A Great Commission Structure With sales jobs in San Francisco, you typically will receive base pay plus commission. However, some positions are commission only. The commission structure can vary significantly, so it is important that you find an attractive structure.