Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What You Should Know about Applying for Tech Jobs in San Francisco

For young, new graduates either looking for employment or seeking the dream of hitting it big and breaking through the challenging world of business, finding the best opportunities tend to be overwhelming. With the help of professional recruitment agencies like Andiamo! Group, you should be able to find the best suited and most compatible kind of job in a company where you can grow and fulfill your potential. In the meantime, though, you would do well to be on your toes and keep these simple tips in mind when looking at tech jobs in San Francisco.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Three Great Tips to Help You Look for Sales Jobs in San Francisco

Now’s as good a time as any for you to be getting into the sales market in San Francisco. Markets are booming and recovering from the recession, while forecasts are generally optimistic. Generally, business are back on the upswing, and where there are products and services to be sold, there are sales folks doing the selling. If you want to break through and make your mark in sales jobs in San Francisco, you would do well to heed these few simple, but practical and effective tips.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Three Tech Jobs in San Francisco That Fresh Graduates Should Consider

You’re fresh out of college, and you can’t wait to start your first job and taste the freedom that comes with a paycheck. But first things first: what job should you be applying for? The IT industry is swarming with high paying San Francisco tech jobs, and for a new graduate, it could be daunting to be thrown out there without a concrete plan of action. Moreover, it would be a big mistake if you don’t exactly know what kind work you plan to do. The wisest thing to do for the job-hunting graduate is to pay close attention to roles and responsibilities required by the job. Below are some of the tech jobs in San Francisco you may want to look into.

Monday, April 4, 2016

3 High-Paying Sales Jobs in San Francisco That You Should Know About

If you have excellent people skills, you are likely to succeed in any sales jobs in San Francisco and even earn a six-figure income from it. People skills, though, is not only your ability to present your product to potential buyers, but also the way you empathize and listen to their needs. The common mistake of some salespersons is that they try too hard to sell a product, service or idea to people — to the point that they annoy their prospective customers. Ideally, instead of convincing them to get what you’re offering them, the best salespeople try to uncover their problems and offer them a solution. If you haven’t decided what type of San Francisco sales job to apply to or maybe you’d want to look for one that offers a better paycheck, here are three of the high-paying sales jobs you may want to consider.